Am I move to fast onto her?

So me and her have been friends for at least 3 years but only just catching up now.. We've been hanging out a lot and one night she ended up in my bed but did nothing but cuddled wish is alright I guess.. Since that night I've started to get feelings for her and she came around I fell asleep on ( I felt bad of course) but she woke me by jumping on me and giving me a hug and I gave her a kiss on her cheek.. Then I got up and she kept on hugging me? Did I do something right or wrong?


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  • Keep it up! Seems to be going well.

    • She told a friend of mine that she only sees me as a friend and I'm trying not to be friendzoned

    • lol okay then, would've been good info. The way you avoid the friendzone is talking like man to woman instead of friend to friend. Then you can either: 1. Stop being her friend, show that's not what you're after or 2. Be cool with being her friend and go after other girls. When you show that you can get other girls while being totally non-needy and cool with this girl, she might want you - but this time you'll be the one with power in the situation since you've got more girls to choose from.

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  • Sounds like she might like you , I think you are on right track