Rugby vs American football? which is more hardcore?

there's no doubt that both sports are extreme, but which is more hardcore?

Personally im voting rugby. simply because they dont have the protective gear that American footballers wear.

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  • A study was actually done on this and American Football was named the more dangerous of the two

    Rugby players suffer cuts and bruises more then anything else. But in American Football you're dealing with concussions, broken bones, torn ligaments, torn muscles and bone dislocations. All of which are too common in American football which is why the NFL is spending millions of dollars on safely measures despite all the gear.

    The safety gear in American football actually does more harm then good. Have you ever been hit by an American Football helmet. Those bitches hurt. Due to the safety gear in American Football, players are less hesitate in hitting you with all their might (and helmet) due to the the false sense of security that the safety gear will always protect them.

    It's the same case with Boxing. Boxing didn't become dangerous until AFTER boxing gloves were introduced. Prior to boxing gloves, boxers avoided hitting the head, because Knuckles vs Skull = Skull every damn time. Boxing gloves made it comfortable to hit the skull, the same way football gear makes it comfortable for 200-350 lbs men to tackle another man going full speed with all the force in his body.


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  • Rugby because they do it without pads, NFL because they hit harder knowing they have pads. Respect to both.

  • Football hits are way harder and it's not even debatable

    • Rugby doesn't have pads, but you can't hit high. Moreover, the tackling rules are a lot softer and a lot less damaging upon impact. Plus rugby players tackle with way better form unless you like getting absolutely concussed and having separated shoulders. What makes them so painful is the lack of padding to absorb the tackling to the ground and most end in absolute scrums. I had a few times where I got my leg repeatedly stepped on until my shin basically got shattered

      Football hits have pads, but they're fairly flimsy pieces of plastic. Helmets are made of metal and not that great at absorbing blows. And used as a weapon that gives people a god complex where people think why're invincible... also, the tackling is a lot less technical and tackling is head on at full speed, which rarely happens in rugby

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    • i didn't see your second response :p we must have commented at the same time.

      for reference, i dont know shit about either sport lol.

    • That's what I figured, but wasn't totally sure. Both are fun as hell. You should get into both, especially football. It's like chess with fat people 😂😂😂. No cooler feeling than putting on your shoulder pads and helmet, doe!

  • I thought they were the same lmao