I need some tips about traveling to Phoenix (read below)?

So I'm planning on going to Phoenix to visit my sister (who I never met by the way... Another story) and I'm going to meet my friend for the first time in... Again another story. So... I'm deciding to go by bus because my car isn't that great right now and the round trip ticket is only $70 . I'm also planning on getting a hotel room for 3 1/2 nights it ranges from $138-$198... sheesh. Plus taxi fares... I thought about renting a car but not a lot of car companies rent to 21 year olds. Any cheaper way to go? People have told me to ask my friend if I can stay at his place but 1. He's a guy and I have major trust issues with guys because I was molested a couple of years ago and 2. I'd feel invasive. So any other ideas?

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  • Invest in a AAA membership. It's what I did when I first started traveling out of state. Good discounts and help if and when you need it.

    • Their the roadside assistance? Is it expensive?

    • No it's covered in the membership to an extent depending on which plan you get.

  • In fairness to your concerns - I think you are doing it as economically as you can


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