Is it cool that I have a new hobby in the form of photography?

I took a photography class. It's so much fun.

I haven't gotten around to taking the actual pictures just learning technical stuff, but it's fun. Art is fun. Photography is actually so relatable too because there are pictures everywhere.


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  • dont know about cool but glad you seem to have found your calling

    • I don't think I would call it my calling as in something I am very very passionate about.

      I just think everyone takes pictures, including me. Now learning all the new ways we can take pictures is like whoa out of this world for me.

      I mean I love fashion for example. The thought of me being able to capture all kinds of beautiful fashion stuff excites me.

    • most people dont really take pictures, they just like holding a phone up lol you have took time out to learn the art of composition and how to use a real camera. you could certainly make a career out of it if you find the field that suits you most like perhaps fashion.
      when i was young cars were a hobby. now i build race and rally cars for a living so i would say that was my 'calling'. anyway whatever you do good luck

    • That's true :)

  • Yes, it's a good hobby...


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