Can we be friends?

So last year in school I found this beautiful girl and instantly became infatuated. I started staring at her periodically (I dunno if staring is the right word, but they were always about 2-3 second looks, so it was definitely close to it if it's not). This went on for nearly an entire YEAR. Towards the end of that year though, during May, I decided to strike a conversation with her. She seemed perfectly normal with me and we had standard conversations.

This went on for a bit until one day, my counselor from our school came and grabbed me and said, "You know [insert name] right? Well she wants to talk with you for a bit." We then went down to the office together and there she was, waiting for me. In short, she simply asked me why I had stared at her so much. I replied with a totally bullshit answer ("Oh, I had just been daydreaming, that was all! Yeah...). I'm pretty sure she saw right through that, but I wasn't questioned any further on that. I'm also not entirely certain why she asked me that though if she already knew (I thought that she had known the entire time), or why she felt the need to go to the counselor to do it (was she scared?).

Things continued fairly normally after that and we still talked (I didn't force this, she just did it for one reason or another). Now fast forward to this year. We don't talk to each other anymore (which might be more my fault, but it's hard to say) and now she hangs out with a couple other guys.

Out of my peripheral vision though, I've seen her look at me quite a few times, like she's wondering if I still ever stare at her. I don't.

With this in mind, should I try to be friends with her again? And I know it sounds like a pipe dream (because it is), but could this ever evolve into romance? And, in either of these cases, what should I do or say to her? Should I just ask her upfront if she wants to be friends with me anymore (I've already apologized)?

I regret this A LOT. I wish I hadn't done that to her. But I did.


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  • No you cannot.


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    You either are the biggest pussy in the world or you're a complete idiot. Might actually be both. You wasted an entire YEAR chasing, if you can call it that, a girl who doesn't even want with you. A YEAR. You know how many girls you could've slept with in that time? 365!! 700 if you'd slept with two a day! Yet you wasted an entire year on this bs. Now she doesn't talk to you anymore and you still think she's into you? Wake the hell up you idiot. Next time, ask her out immediately instead of waiting a year to realize she ain't into you. God you're pathetic.