I think I did a very inappropriate thing to a girl , girls what do you think about what I done?

So i am in my first year at uni and i have 5 flatmates (UK). It has been 3 weeks since and On the first welcome party i saw one of her making out with a stranger and i thought it was sudden to do that right at the start. I messaged the girl yesterday and told her saw her making out with a random stranger and that i saw a lot. She said she doesn't mind, i then asked her that it happens a lot so i guess it is ok, she said yeaaah. I am not friends with her or her friends (which are two of my other flatmates) so i didn't feel anything.

I then told her i feel like she is pretending to be nice to me and that is has bad intentions along with her friends to me. She said they are not saying anything negative. I told her i am just curious. We barely speak when we see each other in the kitchen and that is it. Now i just passed her in the hallway and said "hello" and she ignored me. What is happening?


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  • I think that you probably did do something inappropriate. I don't see why you had to tell her that you saw her making out? Why was it any of your business and why did you feel the need to let her know that, as if you were her mother and you were keeping an eye on her? That just made you seem creepy. You then made it even more awkward by saying she has 'bad intentions' towards you. You just came off as kinda weird throughout this.

    • I don't like her, her and two other flatmates keep together and exclude me from eveything i want to make them suffer.

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    • I also told her i am not gonna tell anyone as i am not that kind of guy, but what if the word gets out?

    • I really doubt she'll care.

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  • You're a douchebag that's what happened. You're a little liar who just wants attention

  • She doesn't want you policing who she makes out with, it's an invasion of privacy.

    • I think she is a slut

  • Unless you grabbed her by the pussy
    i don't see anything innapropriate


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