Would you consider after answering a question here so brilliantly it would boost your karma score?

like you're doing something positive in the hard world?


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  • I do! I feel so good about myself after I answer a question effectively - especially when the asker thanks me 😊

    • yeah same here I definitely feel the same. you answered one of my questions a while back and I felt way better after reading your response thanks

    • Yay!!! That just made me feel so good haha.. so thank you!

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  • No, I did those before
    It was just reduce cycle of bad.
    You hide it dont talk to anyone that just like you take a poor trash without knowing it.
    And you face bad thing quickly that help you wake up soon.
    and will not hurt people, in fact people will not let you hurt.
    So you will know it sooner.


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  • Yes, I suppose I think the world needs more good and if there is anything I can do to make this place a better place, by sharing my insight than what's the harm in that.


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