Did you ever realise that there are leaves on trees! It's not just green globs?

That question is sure to get some people in.

I got glasses today! I never realised just how blurry the lock on the door is. Or that that church is made out of brick and is not just brown. Or how many leaves that bush outside has.
Seriously, without the glasses it's a green blob on a fuzzy stick. Glasses on, a million individual leaves on a brown stem of varying browness with no blur in sight.

It's amazing. And yet... I wait to get them at the very end of school XD I have no way of telling if the board is just as crisp haha.

Being able to see faces hasn't improved... but that's not an issue with my eyes that's a processing issue. It's like my brain goes-
"A face! We can't have that in processing! Discard it I say! Discard it!"
and all the neurons and synapsis and whatever it was that makes me recognise what I'm seeing calls back, "but what shall she see instead?"
And my brain responds solemnly - "Skin coloured blobs with black holes where the eyes should be."

Wow that got weird.

But other than faces.



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  • A girl as smart as BaileyisDarcy , why did it take you so long to get your glasses? Good that you now can see blurry figures more clearly. This thing doesn't happen to everybody , Most of the people can comfortably see things with or without glasses , and they always seem to take early action to take care of their retinal defects. You took a little more time to act. That's why you have thoughts like that.

    • Took me so long cause I've been thinking I need glasses for years and each time I got tested I got told "You might but it's not neccesary right now".

      Thansk for the compliment though!

    • You are welcome.

  • What an interesting question

  • Same here lol last year i used glasses for the first time lol


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