I want to run away. Should I?

Now, you might think this is a weird question for a grown ass man to be asking, but understand. I'm lazy and unfulfilled then a mother floodpucker. I rarely leave home and i don't have a job, mostly because i don't have to.

Unmotivated, and apathetic as hell, i figure maybe if i runaway, and accelerate the future, which is mostly likely me homeless and unable to feed myself when my parents die, then maybe it'll force me to change.

Now, obviously, i don't actually intend to runaway (because i can't), but given the situation, if i'm unwilling, even if i search the depths of my soul (which i have), to make an active change, what should i do?

Help a brother out, yo!

Ps-yes i am serious. Can you help me?

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  • No what you should do is get a job or better yet get an education. What are you going to do when your lifeline is cut? Seriously. One day you'll wake up and you'll be in your 30s with nothing. So take this with a grain of salt and wake up now dude. Your parents won't be alive forever. Go get a degree do something to better yourself. And do it now. Life flashes before the eyes and then it's too late. But you're NEVER too old to go to school.


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  • A fresh start can be what people need. To get away from all the toxic shit that is making their lives miserable and start far away with a clean slate.

    Don't run with the aim of being a bum! If you want to get away, there is work you could take so you have a respectable life while you're on the move. Truck driver/railroad worker?

    • I see what you're saying. I guess a big part of the problem is that i don't seem to care whether i live or die. My fear is that, even if i had to, i still wouldn't put in the effort to work or anything. That i would just find a place to wither and die.

      You know how most people just seem to float through life? They got goals and ambition. Their ready to face the world as if its instinct. Yet i just don't care. I don't know what I'm trying to say.

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    • Yea, I don't know what advice to give expect for what I said. But I do know that only the individual can help themselves. Good luck in which ever you choose to do but I still say get out of the house and going to school would be the best, since you don't have to work, and you'll meet people too.

    • Your goal can be to get a better life for yourself. Or set yourself a destination or target. Like, when I have felt depression and hopelessness, figuring out something to do with myself and focusing on it helped give me purpose, and I got satisfaction from making progress towards that goal.

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  • Here's how you solve your problem:
    Stop playing Mafia III and get off your lazy ass and get a job.

  • Seek a job as a professional troll.