HELP; with my Skype?

I skyped someone internationally. Using Skype AUDIO without a video. This came up in my iPhone recently called, even though I didn't call his phone number.
A) will this cost me money because I thought Skype and Skype audio were free even international
b) how do I stop it from showing up on my phone bill because my mum is gonna see


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  • It could cost you money.
    You can't stop something from showing up on your bill unless you pay the bill first.

    • Why would it cost money though because Skype calls are meant to be free

    • Why would you ask if you know it's free?

    • Because I know the Skype call is free on Skype but I don't know if it will charge my phone bill and I wanna know if it will come up on my monthly phone bill even if it doesn't cost anything.

  • if you used Skype to call another Skype user, it didn't cost you anything

    it could show up in your phone because you have Skype on your phone and it synchronises its data with your phone.

    • Does it matter that it was Skype audio?
      Also when I filled in all the info at the start I gave me email and not my phone number so it isn't linked with my phone number. It's like face time when I used my email

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