Does anyone know more about MBTI to help me determine my type?

So I'm ENxJ meaning I have problem w T and F. Often on test I would sometimes get ENFJ, sometimes ENTJ. I tried to understood Fi/Te and Fe/Ti but I am still unsure. On test my T and F would often be on 50%.
F - I can feel emotions of others, I think love is most important thing in life (is that more Fi?), I'm emotional and sensitive, I hate most social norms and find them stupid if not honest, I think harmony is important as being nice to others
T - I'm very efficient, into justice and fairness rather than mercy, I'm tough minded, I'm disciplined, I think I'm logical, but values are logical data to me too, I'm rational about money, I get into arguments to get things done/solve issues, I'm practical
So anyway, feel free to ask anything to help me determine it. Tnx


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  • I have no idea what you're talking about


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  • If you're into feels and describe yourself as sensitive you're a feeler.

    Thinkers can recognize and use emotions but they're secondary to facts

    • yeah but all humans use facts and feelings, noone is one or another, it's more about what is used more I guess. Like I have my introverted side but I'm obviously more extroverted
      with F and T I can often use both and they seem pretty tied... and being sensitive is more Fi I think making me maybe more Fi mature ENTJ. I mean you can maybe ask me some questions that might help determine it for sure?

    • I don't need to ask any questions. You already told us what we need to know. You're a feeler. Done.

    • I'm still not that confident in that but thanks anyway

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