Will Hillary go to war with Russia?

Who thinks that Hillary will start a nuclear war?

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  • Check my question here about this earlier:


    This was most recent on USA Today:


    and another one:


    I have a bad feeling about it, but I really hope in the end they sort this shit out before things become much worse than it already is, as if the economic situation isn't already bad enough.

    You know what I've always figured, that a global war of any kind should not happen at least not until another great depression or economic or financial collapse occurred first. And right now, we're not anywhere near that, close but not that close. Otherwise we would have seen a really big stock crash on Wall Street or something by now, and that hasn't even happened yet. I figured that history would only repeat itself again. Wasn't there also economic crashes or problem prior to the Very First World War? I forgot maybe I'll have to google it and check on Wikipedia.

    If you're living in the cities or locations in the most southern hemisphere chances are you're safer than those that are in the northern hemisphere as they are in the Primary Blast Zone. Radiation and Fallout, and then there's the Nuclear Winter. Although I don't know if a Nuclear Winter that follows after a Nuclear War would be enough to wipe out all life on Earth or not, regardless of where anyone or anything is.

  • She'll do whatever her special interests want.

  • She has not threatened to use nukes. It's trump that talks using nukes. Wow you trump people are desperate and it shows.

    Hillary tends to use something called diplomacy. Republicans are confused by this because it defies the republican fascist 'do what we say' policy.

    • I'm against both Drumpf and Shillary. In fact, I'm not even American. In fact, I just saw several reports on mainstream European media that the Russians are preparing for a war if she is elected. If you actually understood the concept of a fascist you wouldn't be spouting drivel like a fucking wind up doll for "your team"