Why would a guy see you, sort of blush and look to the left?

It felt fake, like he was flirting or something I have no idea.

I definitely did not look that good. My hair just looked odd.

I cringe at the memory of that day and how I looked.

I think he was drunk not sure if that had something to do with it.

I was dressed up yeah but everyone was.

I think he was just surprsied to see me there didn't look like my scene at all
Guys what do you think? Girls?


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  • Yes, i look away and blush when a girl catches me checking her out.
    Maybe he was checking you out , yes we like girls with messy hair and
    yes girls with no make up will make some of us blush so no two ways
    about it.

    • I think he was just stunned and surprised to see me, I don't look like someone who would like social events. It was a party where you had to dress up in gowns etc. Plus, I don't think he's ever seen me with make-up.

      I just thought it was so exaggerated because lots of girls looked good I hardly stood out with my bad hair.

      I almost wondered if he realized I was feeling like a princess with my dress and just thought I'd get happy if he did that. My friend too upon seeing me realize I expected her to say something so she was like, 'so pretty.' Mostly just to make me feel good lol

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  • Likes you.