Is it okay to assume that this guy probably likes me?

I boarded this bus thing for this fancy party. When I got on, I was confused where to sit. I scanned the bus row by row wondering where exactly I was supposed to sit.

This guy sort of blushed almost and looked to the left when my eyes rested on him. It was just so weird because I mean why would he do that in front of everyone?

I acted like I hadn't noticed and just sat down away from 'those kids' (they're two years younger)

I don't know whether he does? He's a bit of an attention seeker


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  • That's a really big assumption for someone you just met but if it makes you feel better than yeah sure he likes you

    • Oh I know him. I didn't just meet him. And he knows of me, but for some reason neither of us make the first step to talk to the other.

      It is possible he might not have blushed. He was wearing shades. But why else would someone look the side upon seeing you almost dramatically, smiling no less

  • Tough one. If you really think he might have blushed, then yes.

    • I can't think of any other reason he would look away like that smiling. Seriously none.

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    • You're the guy, you tell me. Would you ever smile or blush at a girl if you didn't like her?

    • no!
      I would only blush if i liked her

  • He probably thought you were cute and she got nervous and looked away.

    • But like... why would you do that?

      If I thought a guy was cute I wouldn't be so obvious about it.

      I only blush around someone I have a crush on. Am I correct to assume this guy might have one on me?

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    • If he was smiling why would he look away. Lol I think because I didn't wear make up a lot he was just surprised to see me dolled up.

      But I doubt he was so infatuated with me he was thinking of me a lot.

    • Maybe. If I saw a girl who doesn't wear makeup, and she was dressed up nice one day, I would smile. It's a good thing. I would be happy to see her looking nice.

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