Quick, who do you choose as your starter?

  • Bulbasaur
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  • Squirtle
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  • Charmander
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  • neither, if you ignore them and keep walking you'll find pikachu 😉 (the 4th or 5th time you walk away from them)

    • I didn't know this.

    • @anonman32 I downloaded pokemon go before it was released in my country and played using a vpn and a fake gps, I found that trick while googling how to make the gps work lol (I had to activate mock locations)

    • Lol awesome.

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  • Never heard of any of those people and what sport are you talking about?

    • It's a game where you collect creatures ("pocket monsters"/"Pokemon") and you battle them against each other. These are the three original starters. c:

    • Oh ok enjoy the game

  • Charmander.


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