Just had a weird nightmare this morning about killing a woman with a rifle and then stabbing her repeatedly. Should I get psychological help for this?

Does a nightmare like this mean something serious about my mental well-being?

Just wondering. This was just a random dream. The way it went was a random man on my side, who's like my real life conscience to me, gave me a rifle to kill a random woman on the street by shooting her, then finishing her off with a pocket knife. I felt a lot of remorse and there was a cop passing by for some odd reason not noticing her dying below a bench I was sitting on with the random man pressuring me to kill her. I was about to go tell the cop passing by that the woman near me is in serious condition. That's when I started to wake up.

I've been doing research on the internet that when someone dreams about killing a person, they're most likely to be very aggressive towards someone in real life and have a short-temper. I used to have a short temper when I was a teenager but now I manage it much better now.

Is there something psychologically wrong with me or is it a normal nightmare since this was the first type of nightmare I had?

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  • The very fact that you asked if you should receive psychological help is very telling.


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  • If you used to have short temper when younger, you should get help.


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  • If you dident enjoy tabing her then no