Do they want me to come back? I wouldn't be surprised if they did?

I got 'let go' of from this internship position at a company.

I think there was just a lot of clash in personalities. But they liked my work and praised it quite a bit.

In the end one of the 'bosses' there crossed a line. I am pretty sure they let go of me both because I was of course upset but also it just wasn't working.

They didn't deactivate my account and it's almost been a week. I've had some time to relax/think it over. I'm not sure... I wouldn't mind going back if that 'boss's behaviour towards me changes.

I'd like to know. I'm not sure what to believe
Guys/girls what do you think? I'm confused by their behaviour.


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  • Obviously you are the one who knows the details so the value of any advice on here is pretty limited. But sometimes it is just best to leave what was and move on.

    I lost a job I really liked (and was good at) a couple years ago due to "extracurricular activities". I kept thinking (more fantasizing, really) about going and getting that job back. Now the company has shut down that office and everyone had to find something else, but at least that freed me from thinking about it anymore.

    • It was an unpaid job and there was a lot of personal friction. Hence, I felt very hesitant. I mean to me it was like I'm doing a lot of work for free and I'm getting bad treatment.

      But I realize now I think interns in general are not treated nicely don't know why.

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    • Because it was relevant experience in finance which I didn't have. I'm scared of not getting a job since I have no real experience straight out of school.

      I should be looking at full-time jobs but I know I won't get one without any real experience.

    • Aren't there other companies around where you can get a start, with no uncomfortable baggage?

  • I don't think you can just choose to go back after you've been fired.

    • Can you even be fired from an unpaid internship?

      Think about it too, my work was actually pretty good, but even if it wasn't you'd have to be truly bad to let a company let go of you when they are getting free labour.

      At the end of the day, there were personal problems on both ends which could be solved I'm assuming?

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  • Think about the consequences.

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