Guys, Do ever feel ur body shiver right before saying I love you to a girl?

i recently really miss a guy that i can't help it that i cry and my body kinda shaking because i feel tortured with my own feeling missing him he is so far away.

Thats why i am curious how guy feels like when they say the real "i love you" to that special one.


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  • It's just a matter of finding the right girl/boy. When the time times to say , "I LOVE YOU" , everyone manages to say it either , with emotions , feelings , fright , happiness or with love.

  • I don't know cause I've never actually said it and meant it.
    I've had many relationships and am in one now but haven't really felt real love.

    • Well.. i was shivering while crying bcoz i can't help to tell him that i miss him. I never ever ever in my life telling a guy like that. It sounds so simple. But, for me it cannot be that simple. I say when i really really mean it and tortured by my own feelings. And after i say "i miss you. And i really meant what i said". I was finally so relieved. I myself couldnt believe i can be that much.

      Well i wish someday u could experience that powerful feeling before confessing something special to someone.. bcoz thats kinda unbelievable. hehhehe