Do you think this front part of the flyer looks "Professional"? it's a TRI-fold flyer?

Do you think this front part of the flyer looks
Do the photos, flyer design look professional?

Contact information has been removed as this isn't the final proof.
Let me know what you think?

GAG has made the image blurry, but it's really high quality


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  • You gotta do something with that black background. Like a gradient or maybe another picture or something. It looks so bad but other than that I like it. You picked good pictures, the colors all come together nicely.

    Also you may want to replace the top left pic with a "Nightlife" one or tweak the others because when I look at it I can tell the first thing that's gonna come to a clients mind is "Oh so this guy does more family portraits" You should show something that looks amazing and candid.

    • What do you suggest? A group of girls on a night out or a scenery of my town?

    • I had this image in my head of a girl leaning over a handrail by some water in a city with some nice Bokeh in the background.

      I think something closer, more personal, something that half the people will say, "that's beautiful" Guys say, "She's beautiful" and for the women to say "I want to be her" At the end of the day what your really selling is a sort of fantasy. People look at photographers and they don't decide on quality alone, they see the pictures and kinda compare themselves with what they see. So when you put pictures on your stuff you should be asking yourself "Is this an environment someone wishes they could be in?"

    • Agree, the pics are very nice, but the background is sad :( Here are some examples of seasonal flyer templates , may be will be useful for you.

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  • I would not put the picture of the nurse ladies on the top left. I like the top eight picture of the family.

    For the middle picture I would take a photo of a certain venue at night (or a picture of a baby/child doing something). The top left I would try an outdoor photo with a couple. To show that you have a range of skill in any sort of an environment with a mixture of people from all ages.

    I would also proof read the information and keep it short and simple. Where that green leaf thing also (underneath the photo *top right*) I would add the companies name also. Apart from that, it's ok


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  • for a front page it is too busy and may be too much information so could just be ignored and end up in landfill without being read


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  • The flyer does except the picture in the upper left hand corner with the nurse hats. That photo looks trashy and like someone took it with their phone. I mean, they all look like they were taken with a phone, but that one photo makes it look bad. Maybe include someone of a minority group on there, too, so it shows you can do different skin tones as they tend to photograph differently.

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