Would you honestly be able to kill someone if you had a Death Note?

Aa Death Note fans know, once you write the name, there's no turning back. A person who uses the Death Note will always die unhappy and will go to neither heaven or hell. There's also the price of the shinigami eyes if you take them, which is half your current lifespan.

So the power comes at a price. There are people who need killing in this world, but would you be willing to sacrifice your soul to do it? Would it be worth to eliminate people like ISIS or KKK members, pedophiles, rapists and dictators?

  • When push came to shove, I would do it
  • I couldn't risk it
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  • To be honest, if I would ever have to make an decision about killing someone, I would like it to be an informed decision. I would need to know the impact of my decision, the possible consequences, and what it means if I kill that person/people. Only then would I do it. Otherwise I would rather take my chances and try to die happy, whenever that is. Call me selfish.