Could a miracle be coming or is my life just gonna keep getting worse throughout the year?

this has been a rough year i've only really had a few good/great weeks... before it was hurt heart break from my ex now i feel like i'm not important to almost any of my friends. could thinks possibly get a lot better soon now that i feel like i hit rock bottom or am i just clueless how bad things could get and it'll just keep getting worse?

  • miracle will happen soon
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  • not gonna get better for a while
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  • no idea
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  • I am an optimist - There is every possibility it will be option A, I will keep my fingers crossed for you - Best of Luck


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  • Don't count on a miracle, count on personal improvement. Nothing gets your life back on track better than achieving something, because once you get your mind going in a positive direction again, everything else will follow. If you assume that life is innately against you, every small problem that you come across is going to send you through turmoil and you develop a hopeless mentality.

    It's like when you are in a bad mood for a day and tripping or running into something genuinely pisses you off. But a simple change in your mood will turn those small blunders into laughable moments. The miracle you're waiting for is you.

  • You need to shift your attention and paradigm to think positively because the mind cannot have a positive and a negative thought at one time. It's only one or the other.

    Where your thoughts are is what you attract so focus on good and pray for the solution and you will be alright.

    Struggles are often lessons for change.


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  • When you're at your lowest, you can only bounce back up :) I'm sure things will look up soon.