Do you like me?

Okay, well. Im someone who's always sarcastic, funny and, i make jokes a lot and sometimes blurt things out without even thinking. i can be very immature and childish, and i care a lot about what others think of me. maybe its my insecurity or just my... *sighs* i don't know.

i don't like sad, depressing, things AT ALL. I don't even watch movies with sorrow. i don't even like getting all emotional.

im pretty confident, im not afraid to tell people my opinion. im the type who goes up to their crush ans cofesses. i also have stage fright. i can be mean, and a total jerk sometimes but i can also be a nice... girl?

when a guy tries to flirt with me, at first i just give him my best comebacks but slowly as we start smiling, i go along with it.

i don't know whats wrong with me these days!

am i not receiving enough attention? Do i even want attention?

why is it so hard to be me?

sorry guys! sometimes, shit happens. and we all go crazy wazy!

anyways! thats all Lads.


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  • I am 47 and still get days like that - Keep being yourself and talking to others, nothing wrong with that.

  • Nope. Teenage girls are annoying as sin.

    • hahaha thanks alot! u talk as if you weren't a teenager before! Also, being mature is boring! just like u😆😆😆😝😝

    • Teenage girls were annoying when I was a teenager too! :-P

      I'm fine with boring. My life isn't so empty that I have to fill it with "fun". :-D

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