Is obama against my fellow christians? What do you think?

He wants to save Muslim refugees, but what about the christians who are in worse danger?
Yup. My fears are confirmed America.. Is screwed.

Thanks for your input


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  • He will be remembered by history as someone who attempted to make good healthcare a right- that's certainly something Jesus would approve of.


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  • Does religion really matter? Shouldn't you care more about humanity and trying to help those in need? Technically isn't that how christians supposed to be?

    • I would agree that we should save them, but they would remain a huge burden on us. And muslims have more potential to be violent. What a bad predicament the USA is in.

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    • Probably but corrupted with hate from the society

    • The people we're talking about are the ones who have been forced to flee because of violence, they're not the one perpetrating it. By your line of reasoning, we should have shut our doors to Jews fleeing the Holocaust for the reason that there was a lot of violence in Europe at the time.