Did you live a sheltered childhood?

Explain how or how not?

What kind of stuff were you exposed to or kept from?


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  • Not really. I was exposed to things I couldn't have dreamed of, and it made me grow up faster.


What Guys Said 2

  • yes and no both at the same time

    • Can you be more detailed?

    • outside of the house my family would be very strict and i understand why
      inside of my house there's more freedom so my family would rather correct us in the house then outside in the street

      so it took a while before they started trusting us outside if not they would call ever 30 mins

  • If a homeless sheltered childhood counts then yes.

    • What kind of stuff did you see?

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    • I've been to homeless shelters as an adult. I've also been to prison and ICU/hospitals. I'm sure I can take it.

    • I'd rather not bring back repressed memories if that's alright with you