Whats your Opinion About Religions?

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  • Not really a question. Too broad to answer so if you provide something more specific I can give a better answer. Religion is ingrained in human beings because we're programmed to believe in God from birth

  • Religion is complete bullcrap in my opinion.
    I wish people would quit it.

  • That religion is fundamentally good, but sometimes corrupt people distort good and use it for evil.

    • give me a fact how it can be good
      on brainwashing?

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    • You Dont have to belive somewhere to do all this
      to be a good man or to preach charity
      yes i want more facts

    • You don't have to be religious to do any of that. I never said you did. I said they PREACH these ethics, which is good.
      Is it not good that religion tells people to show charity and kindness to others?

      How about religious organizations donate large sums of money to charity organizations, women shelters, elderly shelters, hospitals for the poor, orphanages for abandoned children, schools for children in impoverished villages. What harm do they do -- besides Islam, which is currently a religion gone insane.

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