Why why why why?

Every night for 2 weeks now I go to sleep and have the same dream it's a boy from my class we are leaving the class room he asks if he can talk to me for a second I say ok sure he then leans over put his arm around my waist and one hand on on the side of my head he tilt's my head up kiss me on the lips pulls away and is practically running away why do I keep having this dream I don't even think he's that cute?

Ps in the dream my heart is beating fast I have butterflys in my stomach and I'm week in the knee's. i seemed to have liked it


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  • Is any person you have seen in real life similar to him?

    • I just said it's a boy in my class

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    • I don't have friends I go to online school I only know him from drivers ed

    • You are a good dreamer. I just wish that sometimes your dreams will come true.

  • Thats intense. Nothing to do about it.


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