Who is the nicest member on GAG?

You can only pick one person ;)

Mine would go to @Paris13


Most Helpful Girl

  • Thank you so Much for the Nicest Comment Here, dear. I so appreciate it.
    I like this so much better than even one of my so-called "Followers" who is a So-called Friend, calling me "Delusional" over my Choice in Politicians and the Truth in my own USA.
    Didn't get Master for Having no Brains, Nor being Insane. lol
    hahnk you again, My True Friend, @IronGuardLegionary xx

    • Thank you so much, for Your own Vote of Confidence, @IronGuardLegionary.
      Although I can Be Nice as Spice, I am always Polite in Never Forgetting my Manners in Showing appreciation for Best Reply. xxoo

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