I'm really nervous and tried not to be nervous until my wisdom tooth was about to come in. What should I do? How is it going to be? Help?

I just discovered I have cavity and i'm thinking "huh.. why do i have cavities? I clean my teeth everyday?" Then I've researched about when the wisdom tooth come in and it says the gum gets infected and overlaps and I saw the word "pericoronitis" and i looked up the picture and I was shocked.. Because that's what I have.. I'm really scared.. I never knew it was about to come out in the middle of school year. And i'm trying to get perfect attendence to get into clinical trials for next year.


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  • Don't be scared. I had pericoronitis at 19 going on 20. And trust me, it was no walk in the park. I still have all of my wisdom teeth. I had it twice. The reason why you had an infection is because some food particles got underneath the exposed flap. Here is what you need to do:

    Buy a waterpik that you can use at home dentistry. You can buy them online or in stores such as CVS, Walmart, K-Mart etc. If you can't them yet, raise your mouth out with sea salt [ORGANIC] and near hot water to kill the bacteria and germs. Do this everyday about 3x. You can use a toothpick to open the flap and raise with the same water. But that will be a bit difficult. Also oil pull with virgin olive oil. This is the same thing as raising your mouth with mouthwash, except with oil. Do that for about 10-15 minutes without swallowing and don't do it so vigorously or else you may hurt your cheekbones. Time yourself to remember when to spit out once 10-15 minutes is up.

    When you use a waterpik, fill the tank up with the same thing as near hot water and sea salt. A LOT of sea salt that you can stand. Make sure that you dissolve the sea salt as a mix with the water. Turn on the waterpik at a reasonable pressure, the higher the better and get underneath the flip gently. If you can't trust yourself to do it alone, have somebody who has a steady hand to target that spot. Do this everyday, until you start seeing it going down to completely gone. Make sure you make an appointment with your dentist to have it surgically removed. Let me know how this work out. Overall calm down. Yes, it can get worse and cause death. But you have to remain calm and get on to what I said right away. Be careful.

    • That sounds complicated and gross lifting the flap of my tissue.. I thought it was infection!

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    • take it out*

    • I don't know, dentist says i have till another year... and i have this one flap that's overlapping my 2nd molar and my dentist "thought" it was lose and a trap to prevent my teeth moving forward. Right now, the bottom right is coming at funny angle.

  • Usually the dentist will tell you if you have to pull it out however if its growing in straight you may not have to remove it and while its trying to surface it can be painful and swollen.

    • Dentist said the right one is coming from a funky angle.. and i have to agree the way its coming out. I hope everything will go fine.

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