Why is sending your pregnant wife out at midnight okay?

I'm a stay at home mom of a 2 year old. My husband works from 9-6p Monday through Friday. He is a pawn broker. That's besides the point.
We have one car which he refuses to leave to me. He insists on having it at work.
I asked him to bring home a gallon of milk today.
He forgot. I'm 8 months pregnant and have been having a horrible pregnancy.
I asked him to take me to the store when he got home at 6:45.
Instead he decided to ignore me and mess around shooting his pellet guns outside and whatnot.
I can't drive. I'm not on the insurance or anything since he refuses to add me due to costs...
He decided to nap until 12a.
I asked him before his nap to please take me to get milk for our toddler who drinks a warm cup for bed...
He woke up raging about how he likes that I can't go by myself or do anything... it's 12am...
I'm huge. He won't watch our 2 year old so I'd have to take him... how is sending me out okay?
The store is less than a mile away but I don't think it's safe for me to take my son with me... especially

He says our son can wait till morning. But it'll be a task to get him to bed without a fuss


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  • What a piece of shit. I hear stories like this all the time. And here I was staying up 48 hours straight killing myself for my pregnant wife and she was a psychopathic abusive cunt who didn't deserve even 1 second of niceness from me but I was still there for her 100% You're husband is a pathetic piece of shit.


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  • Its not ok. He's an asswipe/ But you are complaining about him taking the car when you can't drive anyway.. so i get the impression there's another side to the story. But the rest of it, yeah don't put up with that. You are not on insurance, he's playing with his pellet guns, he forgot the milk. Tell him to gtfo, lock the door behind him and don't let him back in until he has a gallon of milk, isurance for you and the kids and has sold his damn pellt guns. Call a lawyer and prepare to take half of his pellet guns and pay, which probably isn't much since he can't pay for insurance.

    • I can't legally drive and he never leaves me the car seat so I can get a ride from my sister

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  • either this fake or you need to find a good divorce lawyer


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  • damn your husband sounds really lazy! >:(

  • Wow, no offense but your husband sounds like an ass. He shouldn't have ignored you. Tell him it's important for your 2 year old son to drink his warm cup of milk before bed.