Would you buy an electric car? Is the money worth it?

What do you think? I imagine all that money could go into travelling!


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  • The problem with electric cars is that there aren't really that many places besides like Cali that have the proper stations to fuel them up. I'd definitely get them in like a decade because there will be a lot more options around to fuel up but currently, especially in the States, it's kind of spread out.


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  • We have a Prius and we DO save a LOT on gas but you'd have to do the math to work out if something like that would work for you.

    I wouldn't buy an electric only car though. You can't go very far from cities :/


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  • Traveling where? Not in the car. The range on most of them is abysmal.

    If I were to get one I'd likely go for a Tesla. If I was getting a budget electric car I'd probably go for a plug-in Hybrid... either Fusion or CMax.

    • Not Ford?

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    • Isn't that 95% of the people on the road?

      No, the Tesla is status over a Ford.

      No emissions directly from the car. (Though it gets power from electricity which is created by coal... so there are emissions there.) Performance wise electric cars have a ton of torque and it's available immediately.

      To fully maximize the benefit of an EV though you need a charging station, so that's extra $$$ to have installed. And if you don't live somewhere that has publicly available charging stations (they're all over here in Southern California) you'll be paying that much more on your electric bill.

    • Aw that sucks.

      I was really looking forward to getting a new car

  • I think I prefer a hybrid instead of an electric-only powered car.


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