Want to get revenge so bad! I know it will be worth it. Tell me to do it?

I have a very limited window now before I will weaken off doing it again so I need to do it now so I don't think to much and be weak and not do what needs to be done.

i just want someone to tell me to do it!


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  • Revenge is a disease that eats at your mind and poisons your soul.
    But then again it's also sweet. Do it.


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  • Do it. I'm very vindictive myself, and trust me when I say this but i feels awesome to see the person that wronged me in pain. It leaves me satisfied later and most of the hatred gets let out since i've already harmed them in some way. Make the revenge something that'll destroy them or ruin something they love or care for permanently. I never take it lightly, its either extreme or extreme.

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    • Thats the spirit! Always put your self respect first and take charge in the most malicious way you can think of that'll hurt them. Exploit their weakness and show them who's has control!

    • I'm doing all my homework first. And then I will submit what I need to. Then when they have asked to meet on the weekend I will disclose what I did!

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  • Move on honey. The best revenge is being happier without them

    • I will be once I do this!!!

    • No, you'll be petty and vindictive. But good luck

    • Two of my best friends right now Ms Petty and Ms Vandictive! 😈😈😈

  • Such a cute cry for attention

  • You are already weak for wanting revenge

    • Then there's no reason not to do it.

    • I'm weak as fuck because of them. I absolutely admit it. I am at my absolute breaking point. I am completely fucked.

      I've nothing at all to lose!

  • Revenge can feel good, what did you have in mind... I've got a few sweet ideas

    • Immigration is the one thing I've got on my mind!!

    • If theyre here on a visa you can get em to never be able to come back

    • They are here on a visa and have been breaching the rules. All I have to do is notify the authority and they will investigate it and once proven will be canceled and sent home!!

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