Do you think some things turn out for the best?

I honestly never thought it before until... (may seem silly) I thought of my step dad's family and how shy I was and how much I hated staying at people's houses. They (aunts) would have all the kids over their houses a lot. In a way I'm glad I didn't stay over when I was younger because I would have turned out to be a shitty person. Although I'm pissed I missed out on hanging out and doing fun things and being spoiled. I would have turned into a spoiled, ungrateful, unappreciative brat like the rest of them. Especially this one cousin. Although I still get treated great by the aunts and some of their kids (mid-late 20's) don't like it. Another example would be going to different schools (missed out of a way better education for high school although my middle school experience amazing), or not spending so much time with my mom's parents, grandparents. (I wouldn't have had the great memories and being able to spend the last days alive with them).


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  • Yeah it really does! Learn a lot of lessons from different situations in the past and decisions that I thought were gonna be bad ended up being a blessing in disguise !! One of them being picking my university, thought it was going to be a shit university however the lecturers make everything less stressful and they do make classes a lot more enjoyable compared to the other one I wanted to go to (uptight and heavily competitive)

  • "Everything that Happens in my Life, is In God's hands."
    Good luck. xx