Live at my dads or at my mums?

Well I have been living with my dad for almost a year now and well... he's not the easiest person to get along with and that's quite a big understatement... The school is amazing down here and I have so many good friends and even a boyfriend!!! But I really can't handle living with him anymore. He's so frustrating to live with and he gets angry over the smallest things and when he gets angry he practically explodes. I have never been hit or anything but I don't particularly feel safe in this house and I definitely don't feel emotionally safe and on top of that I am very badly homesick... so I'm thinking if moving back to my mums where I was living originally. She lives three hours away practically in the middle of nowhere. We have our cats and horses there and my older brother and two older sisters live there... it is home... but since it's in the middle of nowhere, there is nothing to do... it will take a thirty minute drive to school that I have never been too, I have no friends in the town and I will miss living in the city, and being able to hang out with friends and being able to walk to school or my friends or even down to the beach... but I feel emotionally safe at mums but the school might be crap...

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  • No friend in town? Make new friends.. Is better to stay with your mom I guess.
    Your dad has some anger issue I guess but is safer to stay away.

    • Well when I mean I have no friends in town, I literally mean none and no one here wants to be my friend. They all hate me so I avoid them

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    • Sorry couldn't help much but that's probably for your safety :D Good Luck.

    • Nah nah it's fine :) I was probably being a bit too stubborn or difficult so sorry if I was haha

  • Yeah it is hard to choose if I were you
    Maybe I would choose living with mum.

    • Yeah thanks :)

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    • Okay it means that choose randomly.
      Maybe it is good for you to make decision by yourself.
      Good luck.

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