Was this man completely untrustworthy? And possibly racist?

I had temporarily worked somewhere. I was treated horribly but one of the employees over there who was very well educated kept praising me.

I realized they liked my work. The person in-charge crossed a line verbally and I left. They made it seem like they let go of me because there wasn't enough tasks. I knew it was lies but accepted it.

I saw... a posting for the same job the same day I got that email. It made me wonder if they lied through their teeth? Isn't that... illegal?


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  • Almost all employments are legally known as "at will contracts." This means they can fire you or you can quit at will. Neither party can sue the other.

    • I don't really think so? There is an entire legal concept called 'Just cause,' dismissal etc.

      Plus the thing is, it's not really about being fired or quitting. If they really just wanted to let go of me, why couldn't they just say that is what they were doing, and leave it at that.

      Why did they lie about there not being enough work AND post a job advertisement the same day. Isn't that well... lying?

      I know the real problem with that job was although my work was very good, I wasn't the type of person who would pander to the ego of the person working there. I thought I was there to do my work the best I could and that was all.

      After the whole thing died down I wondered within myself if I had any fault with this, as in maybe I could have been more polite or respectful. But I now realize there is a good chance that if the type of person I'm dealing with is one who blatantly lies, mayd=be I wasn't at fault in the first place. Not even a little.

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    • Can I ask you a question very honestly? Do you think any successful man (or woman) who is a moral person would ever blatantly lie like this?

      I have met a lot of different people. And in all honesty, I cannot for the life of me imagine them doing something this lowly. I can imagine them maybe sitting down someone and telling them frankly that there's been friction etc. so this may be the best cause.

      Lying in this manner... it almost feels like this guy is forgive me for being so blatantly honest... flat out stupid.

    • Well, I don't know if I would say it's immoral to lie to an employee during the firing process. Morality has to do with obligations, and what obligations does an employer owe to an employee? Is an employer obligated to give an explanation to the employee why he or she decided to fire that employee? I don't think they have that obligation, though it depends on the circumstance.

      I understand that you feel betrayed. I don't think you should take it personally. It's just business. Had the tables be switched and you had decided to quit, you also wouldn't have owed them an explanation. You're allowed to quit and they're allowed to fire. It's the nature of the agreement.

  • I don't see anything racist here.

    • The racism is more something I felt internally. I don't think it's an easy thing to explain because some of it is also body language and the way the person talks to you.

      But regardless of racism, I really do wonder if this guy was really an untrustworthy person and I dodged a bullet. Someone told me that the work excuse is usually HR talk for we no longer want you. I was like even if that is true... isn't this guy even a little scared that he's lying to me over email and then putting up a job posting right after?

      If there was really a good reason for 'letting go of me' (I was about to quit) why didn't they just say it? Because the work I did was very good and they have nothing else.

      I knew that. But I can't get over the fact that this man is capable of blatantly lying. Not even sure that's legal

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  • I definitely think it's worth discussing with a lawyer.

    • It wasn't a very well-paid position hence the time and effort to go to a lawyer is probably not worth it from a financial point of view.

      But I think for personal closure, I'm actually wondering... is this guy seriously not someone to trust?

      Till to the end I thought maybe there is some fault on my part for affecting his ego which I know is the real reason they let go of me (they also knew I was about to quit).

      What I can't get over, is he's not even afraid that he put a posting for the ad? Like did he just flat out lie to me or just tell me the work thing because he knew it wasn't working out and didn't want to hurt me because my work was at the end of the day very well done.

    • You just can't take things like this personally. Learn from the experience. Move on.

    • The thing is, this company (and person) wasted my time. I was locked into this position when I could've gotten a better offer elsewhere.

      It is definitely a personal thing why would they praise my work and out of nowhere I get an email like that? But when I conversed with someone I was thinking exactly that: what can I learn from this experience.

      Maybe I shouldn't have tried to hurt his ego etc. etc. But what I am actually wondering, is if the type of man I was dealing with is the type of person who would blatantly lie, was there any fault from my end in the first place? Something to think about