How rude do you think this guy was towards my father?

My father kept telling the landlord's boyfriend that a plumber needed to come in. He kept delaying it. Eventually he called him out on it.

His reaction was, "You live like pigs."

My mother told me he was trying to say so what if the plumber came in late, you guys anyways don't live properly for it to matter if we don't accommodate you.

FYI my father crosses the $100,000 income bracket our family is of Indian heritage.


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  • Very f***ing rude. What the heck. This has put a damper on my day.


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  • Extremely rude!! There's no need for such mean insults

  • With an income like that why are you still renting?

    • Does it matter?

      We rented that apartment as there were good schools in the area. After I finished school within appropriate time we bought a house.

      The thing is... how awful for that guy to say what he did. But even worse it made me wonder, we're technically rich AND have status, yet he still didn't fear saying that. Would he have said the same thing if it was a white person? I'm actually really serious.

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    • @zagor Don't you have such a thing as mortgages in the US?

    • Of course, but 100k per year won't qualify you for a mortgage on very many houses in the Bay Area, unless you have saved enough for a big down payment.