How do I make friends if they seemingly don't want me around them?

So here's the deal. My class is formed by 25 students in total. I sit alone of course. Whenever we have an exercise to do with the kid sitting next to you I get angry. I really try to make friends in this new school. It just seems like they hate me. I do have a few people I share a word with but otherwise I'm a fucking loner. In the time break I go outside to smoke. I made quite some friends from other classes that way. I didn't write that question so you find my flaws. Just give me an advice on the main theme.


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  • You know, at your age social life is just difficult. You're in this tiny, tiny world that has a twisted social structure that does not align at all with what you'll see in your adult life. I know it's easy for an old guy to say, but just try to get through this period. Once you get to college, everything changes. Everyone gets a reset and you find that you're suddenly judged more on your personality and character as your previous social associations suddenly become meaningless.

    That said, while I do think you should look forward to the future, I hope you can find a way to enjoy the experiences you're having now.

    • I really hope you're right. :)

    • I know I am. I can think of one such girl at my high school who became a runway model in New York. No one gave her any thought in high school because she wasn't in the cool crowd. Why? I have no idea. I mean, how exactly does someone end up in the cool crowd anyway? It's some weird social status formula that doesn't necessarily have anything to do with wealth, looks, or personality. Anyway, I hate even bringing her up because I don't want to focus too much on looks, but I just want to point out that where you are socially right now has nothing to do with how your social life will look just 2.5 years from now.

    • Unbelievable but you are the first person who managed to comfort me.

  • You are in a new class, it will take time to meet new friends - Give it time, you seem like a nice girl.


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