Top 5 Bands That You Think Had The Potential To Become So Much More Popular?

You Don't Have To List 5 It's Optional (:



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  • Boston
    REO SpeedWagon
    Average White Band
    Prince and the Revolution.
    Good luck and Great question, Thanks for Sharing. xx


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  • 1. Sublime
    -- they are hugely popular but only after 1 major release before bradley nowell died
    2. Blind Faith
    --Eric Clapton, Ginger Baker, Steve Winwood... the lineup alone is like rock and roll royalty. but only released one album
    3. The Kinks
    -- the kinds are very popular but still sort of are a class down from groups liek The Beatles, Stones, Led Zeppelin, and the Who. I think if they hadn't been banned from touring the US for about 7 years (during their peak) they'd be on the same level as those bands
    4. Television
    -- came out of CBGBs around the time of Blondie, the ramones and Talking Heads. All three of those bands are hugely popular but point to Television as the best band of that group. dealt with members leaving (Richard Hell) and drug abuse... otherwise i think they would've been HUGE
    5. Lost Boyz
    -- I think they were one of the best rap groups of the 90s. their first album Legal Drug Money was very popular and had 5 billboard hits. the follow-up album was less successful but still very solid. one of the members was killed in a drive by shooting and he was essentially the heart of the group. the completed the album they'd been working on (again a solid album). I think if they had continued they would've been as popular and influential like Beastie Boys and Tribe Called Quest


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  • 1. Hotel: a little known Southern band from the late 1970's/early 1980's, which had a very smooth sound:

    2. Not a band but an extraordinary songwriter and singer whom you have probably never heard. She wrote many of Linda Ronstadt's great hits.

    3. Corrine May, a talented pianist/singer who was born in Singapore but lives in the US. If you listen to the words of this song and don't get a tear in your eye, you need to go see the coroner.

    4. The Hooters, Not many bands can put a melodica and mandolin into rock and roll but they did it with class.

    5. Mason Williams was an extraordinary guitarist and writer remembered for an iconic song from the 1960's:

  • 2 Unlimited, X-Perience, Missing Heart, Scooter and Pharao.
    (Yep, I know, most people in the USA never heard of any of them) :P

  • Soundgarden
    The Pogues
    Something for Kate

  • Kenny and the Scots , Asia, Mr. Mister, The Styx I guess

  • Kajagoogoo
    Dexy's Midnight Runners
    Wall of Voodoo
    Men Without Hats
    Made For TV

  • Again with the people?

  • the helio sequence
    the new pornographers
    the shins
    guided by voices

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