Which one is better the original song or the cover?

This is the original song that's in Suicide Squad.

This is the Cover done by Frog Leap Studios.

I LOVE the cover version more than the original.

  • Original is better
  • Cover song is better
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What Guys Said 3

  • I'm always one to enjoy metal

  • The metal cover is never better

  • I prefer the original personally


What Girls Said 1

  • Even though that guy's voice is unbearably high, I like the beat in the original. I think the cover is garbage mostly because that guy is trying WAY too hard, his contacts look tacky af, but he has a little Jonathan Davis thing going on with his voice, so, kk, I like that part a lot, he actually has a nice voice. And he's got great System of a Down-esque facial hair, me likes the throwback. Overall, I like the cover if I could only hear the music, but I've already seen him :/

    Ooh, it's like music vs voice. Gosh, so hard. He has a better voice, but I like the music quality of the original.

    Ooh damn, I listened to the original more. Eh, yea, I dislike that guy's voice too much for the music to overcome it... even if the beat is SO good. Gotta go with cover bc his voice has a better flavor, and the music is nice too (just not as good as the original)