I want to talk to the guy I like but I'm so nervous/anxious, can I get some advice on how to go about this?

I really want to talk to the guy I like but I'm so nervous going about it (typical right). I don't want to regret anything and its been 2 months since we last talked and I can't stop thinking about him. Our history is a long story so Im not going to include it in the question but does anyone have some good advice when it comes to reaching out to your crush when you feel so nervous? Any personal experiences?


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  • Just go for it. Trust me, chances are things will go well. And even if they don't, the immediate sting goes away and you feel good for having courage and asking. It feels much better than the nervousness. And it's especially better if he likes you back (which he probably does).

    • I believe you, I just don't know what to say. Like I don't know what to talk about or what reason to give for calling. I thought he may have liked me back but it has been 2 months and no communication so I don't know if he forgot about me and/or changed his mind. I mean why else wouldn't he contact me in the mean time?

    • He may just be as nervous (or even more nervous lol) as you are. So don't take that as a sign. Honestly, it's best to be honest. Call him up and just tell him that you think he's a cool guy and if he wants you think it'd be cool to get together some time for dinner or something.