How to prevent identity theft or account hacked don't know? Here is how to prevent it from happening?

I know lots of people suffer from accounts being hacked and identity theft but there is a way to prevent it.

1. Dont give anyone your personal information online especially if it is someone you don't know.

2. You want to make your password hard to figure out but easy to remember like capital letters, numbers and special characters.


When you go to cash or swipe in your card make sure you cover if because all it would take is one person to see your card and all the info on it they will put it in something and it would put all your card info on it and the bar code.

I hope this help let me know if you want me to help and teach you how to prevent viruses on your computer or any electronic.


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  • For passwords I would recommend using 2FA if possible and using a password manager if possible, if your password is simple then it's an easy bruteforce.
    For Identity Theft you need to be 100% sure about what you're doing in a sense, make sure everything you pay with is secure (if online make sure they have a valid SSL certificate and is through a secure gateway) etc

  • I don't even remember my password because is all mixed and is almost 20 characters.


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