Do you think the artificial womb will be good for society?

if in the middle please explain below

  • no I think it will be more bad than good
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  • yes, I think it will be a game changer
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  • Nothing can ever replace a real womb. It may be positive for those who can't have babies on their own, but I hope most women still choose nature over science when it comes to this. And yeah, I know I'm a man and don't have to deal with pregnancy blah blah blah, but there's a reason things work the way they do, and like I said, nothing will ever beat the real womb.


Most Helpful Girl

  • no. no way. i mean, haven't you ever seen the matrix? i can see our wretched government using this device to grow soldiers for their armies, just like that scene when neo woke up in that womb and their were billions of them all around because the robots were growing people.


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What Guys Said 3

  • The risks of it still unknown, it may cause growth development since you not born from womb, the whole thing is like creating multiple science experiment in a lab and human are already over populated, is still an idea for people who can't have babies.

  • Yes because this will allowe unfertile people to have kids of their own dna, as well as homosexuals.
    Single men will also be able to use this.

  • I think that, in the present, that can be a tool to help babies thata born too soon, i guess.

    This obviously brings a lot onto the table. Too much that i don't realy want to debate now :p

    I just want to say for now that, IT MAY be a step closer to raise more instable personalities, existencial crisis and lack of affections fo the others.


What Girls Said 2

  • End reproduction, organic or artificial! No future!

  • Would be good for women that want kids but don't want to go 9 months carrying the baby.