Is this guy a walking sex doll?

Topless pictures front back and forth. I think the real reason he exposes his upper body so much is because he thinks he's not good-looking.

And he's 'hot' with topless pictures.

But I genuinely wonder... is this the kind of guy who has a lot of sex or something?


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  • How much sex you have is not tied to how many photos you snap.


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  • Nah, most of the time if a guy posts pictures of him topless he is just trying to show off his body in hopes to lure in his female victims. But he will only bring in bros who compliment his fantastic bod and then say no homo afterwards. Then they have a long conversation about sweaty man exercise stuff and then nohomobro compliment eachother some more. Then eventually the convo dies and they move on with their lives.

    Pretty normal stuff, nothing strange.


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