Is anxiety about moving normal?

I have still studies left a little but I decided to move to another town, because I had a bad apartment and problems with it. After it I have to stay over a friend on the week and I can be home on the holidays and weekends. I stress about this now more than I stressed before and it feels horrible even if I had really no better solution to it. I wanted this but now I realize how much is gonna change and I have anxiety about my future. For a while I feel happy and wait for it but then I get all stressed again. I am not usually this stressed so I feel helpless over the situation. Is this normal? Do you have any words of wisdom for this?


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  • Yes I learned in one of my psychology classes a long time ago moving is one of the most stressful things you can do.

    • I have never been this stressed about it... We used to move a lot wit my family, but somehow moving alone feels more stressful. Probably because I have to make the decision by myself.

    • Just make sure to keep your friends in your life. See them often. Yes moving on your own can be more stressful than moving with family because you have to do everything yourself.

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  • Normal.

    • Do you know any helpful ways to get over it?

    • I'm an idiot so no.

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  • Nah, it's normal to feel that way. You're uncertain about what will happen, are making sure everything is set for moving, etc... Many people feel that way. Just prepare as much as you can. Make sure you have everything you need. Look online for moving tips and tricks as well.

    • I have a lot of support but somehow I still worry. It is not the moving itself that stresses me out, more the change. Like I have to pay more rent and still can't live there all the time because of school. Thank you for the good tips and kind wordsâ˜ș

    • Good luck, and you're welcome!