Feeling really anxious about going to the hair salon alone?

I've never been to get my hair done alone before. I have social anxiety and my heart is pumping so fast right now and my stomach is turning making me want to go to the toilet 😖
How do I chill out? I'll only be in there for an hour, help


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  • Breathe slowly. Try and figure out what is causing that anxiety. There's nothing to fear or be concerned about. Nobody is going to judge or look at you any differently, you are just another customer. They don't care about anything you might be anxious over.


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  • Try to concentrate on the finished result. Your hair will look great. Whatever thoughts are going through your head now, try to change them to more positive thoughts.

    Once you are their , your nerves will calm down. At the moment it's the fear of going alone that's probably triggering your anxiety. They'll be too much going on around you when you're there , so concentrate on what's going on around you to take the attention from yourself and your nerves

    I'm sure the stylist will be friendly and chat to you so that should keep your mind focused


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  • Welcome to Gag Town, @CottonSocks.
    Relax, and make sure with WHO you get Is... Reputable.
    Pick a Style as you Smile, that IS Pleasing to your Taste. I am not Sure what Sort of Style, but as Far as "Cuts" Go, don't Let Her/Him Cut Off More than you Want.
    Keep an Eye on them so You are in Control of their Scissors Hands.
    Good luck and Keep me Posted. xx

  • I won't go anywhere alone, I won't pump my own gas, shit I won't even walk into a gas station, I pick up a friend and have them do it for me or my partner. I have the most rough time in a restaurant! I cannot sit and eat and people are rude they stare I'm sorry but I can't tell you how many times I've switched seats and sides of the table with my boyfriend because some creepy guy from the other table is just looking at me every time I look around my area and it's just so freaky to me like quit staring I tell my boyfriend please switch seats and he says just stop looking at him I try to explain to my boyfriend theirs a diffence between looking up and seeing someone staring you down every time and just staring back so he doesn't understand. I eat and feel HIGH I get this insane high, I get full faster I choke on my food I have to drink something with every bit. no one understands me man! I couldn't imagine being in your spot right now confined in a close friend about what's going on that way you'll always have someone with you if you need them to be.