Who's better; girls or guys?

Try not to pick both

  • Girls
  • Guys
  • Guys mainly
  • Girls mainly
  • Both
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Most Helpful Guy

  • No one is better than the other , except here right now with you being sexist towards everyone. These games you play will become (real ) for you very soon and you won't like the repercussions of it , trust my word. Your building a foundation of hate in your life towards other people. ...

    • Fucking hell its just a question. How am I being sexist? When have I said men are better than women or women are better than men? Show me where

      Even under the right circumstances saying one gender is better than the other isn't sexist

    • Asker... your question reflects sexism. You're multiple choice question divides one from another. And by saying try and not pick both suggests sexism again. ... That's why. !!

    • It's a question. I wasn't being sexist. If I said are you racist? That doesn't make me racist.

Most Helpful Girl

  • I generally like guys better.

    • I didn't mean like

    • I'm not bisexual, I'm assuming that's what you thought I meant when I used the word like. Ew.

      I like men better in general as people. I have more positive views toward men than I do toward other women. So I voted for option C: Guys mainly. Meaning I tend to think guys are better than girls.

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