Why's it only count to be ambitious if you want to be like a CEO or similar?

Seems like these days that's what only counts as having ambition. Apparently anything else is being lazy


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  • because people are super obsessed with money these days, and they feel like if you aren't obsessed with money, like they are, then there's something wrong with you.

  • Yeah, that's not how it works in my world. Maybe it's the people you hang around?

    To me being ambitious means having drive and going for what you want... if you dress si working in 3rd world countries as a red cross worker... it is sexy as hell, if it is writing a book sexy as hell... it's thinking you can have it all and then finding a way to make that your reality :D

    • I like this interpretation

    • Oh does it also count if I keep trying to bake a cake no matter how many times I keep accidentally burning the kitchen down?😂😂 don't judge ok😆😆

    • As long as you keep rebuilding that kitchen and trying again until you have the perfect cake... that is drive, that is ambition. it's having a goal and doing what you can to achieve it an that is very attractive.

  • No not all people think like that


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