Should I get rid of this car or deal with it?

I got my car 4 years ago used and it has 105k miles on it. Its a '07 chevy cobalt Lt coupe. Right now I'm running into repairs that are around 600$. At what point should I sell it and get a different one?

Right now kbb values it at 3k, I bought it for $4500 4 years ago. I'd say it's worth around $2500 or so because the title isn't clean.

Here's some other information that may be useful. I got married at the beginning of this year and hoping to start a family soon, a coupe isn't a family car.

Should I get rid of it and get a car for my family? Or should I deal with the repairs and keep driving until it's too much of a hassle.

(I for sure don't want to deal with repairs if they'll end up being as much as a new car.)

Please advise.


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  • Sell it


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  • Do you think there will be any more repairs needed soon? There should be another 50k easy left in that car. If $600 will get you another couple years I'd say keep it and save up, another couple years won't hurt the value much at this point. You can fit cars seats in a Cobalt, right? You shouldn't need anything bigger for a while.

    • I don't know for sure, but I know chevy isn't a reliable make so I'd be shooting in the dark. My biggest concern is that I'll end up paying for repairs to find out something else is wrong and needs repaired. :'(

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    • You reminded me of an old friend from high school, he actually helped my find the car when I bought it and he's sure he can get it fixed for less than quoted from an autoshop. He also says it should last longer than 130k miles without any major issues.


    • No problem

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  • 100k miles is normally when things start to go wrong with cars, i wouldn't say get one now, but i'd certainly look into it as the car will very quickly loose it's value especially when it gets to 150k miles

  • Are you thinking financing a new car

    • If the interest rates are good. I'd like not to have to make payments on interest if I can pay it off in a few years. I haven't looked into financing as I've always bought used cars in full. But I'd definitely consider it.

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