How should I start the first sentence or paragraph of a letter to appeal for a court order (administrative not criminal)?


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  • First you want to find the proper format for your court. You might want to go to the court house and ask a clerk if they can give you a sample form.

    In law school, they teach that the students write memos in C. R. E. A. C. form.

    Example of rule
    Analysis/application of rule to particular case

    And that's a decent system for a civilian to attempt to use. You can even label each section.

    I request that this Court accept my motion to appeal the decision rendered by (name Court) on (such and such date) because the lower court failed to recognize this/that (law/right/etc.).

    The you explain, if you're able to get to a law school, research, make your argument. Label sections so the judges can read the paper quickly. Do not be afraid to put key points in bold. I'm about to graduate from law school so I'm not a professional lawyer. If you have any questions you can feel free to message me. Good luck!

    • I just followed you because I have a lot of questions lol

    • Cool! I don't mind helping, it helps me learn stuff too.

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