Did Napoleon actually discover anything?

I know his recruits discovered the Rosetta stone, but did HE actually discover anything at all? Or even invent anything?

Any help is appreciated 😊


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  • He indirectly created Croatian nationalism and Yugoslavia technically.

    • Woah really? I never knew that

    • Very much on a technical level. "The Illyrian Movement", that's what you want to look into.

    • Okay thanks so much!! I really appreciate it

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  • He helped make the metric system

    • I heard he tried to ban using the metric system though?

    • Yay after a British newspaper wrongly converted his hight leading to the rumor that he was short

    • Haha oh really? 😂 I never saw that. Makes sense though, they always used propaganda making him look short. Could you send me a link of that? Because I haven't found it

  • He discovered how much swag he had when he kept his hand in his jacket at all times.

    • He's sick, the portrait of him riding the horse proves it too

    • He's dead. I doubt he's anything besides bones atm..

    • True true RIP Napoleon, you were a sick dude 🙌

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  • Maybe he discovered that he could have other people do his homework by posting the questions online? or was that before his time... or maybe you discovered that recently?

    • Lol I've been researching him for two days straight specifically on his discoveries right now and that's why I'm confused. I heard he invented/discovered the metric system and Napoleons theorem, but after further research I discovered he tried to ban the metric system and it isn't proven if napoleon actually made Napoleons theorem. So I have done my work, I just need clarification now since I'm so confused.

    • Well, he discovered one way to not win at waterloo.

    • True true 😂😂