Should I stay away from them?

There was this firm I worked at. I did great work, but they didn't like me. I'm pretty sure they thought I was arrogant. It was a mixture of me quitting and them 'letting go' of me.

I was really busy studying for a test. Now it's over and thinking back I wondered if better communication could've solved the problem. I considered politely emailing them as they are looking for people for that job.

My mother warned me however that if that person is reasonable, even if it's a no they will say it politely. If they're not, she said they could use it as an opportunity to hurt you.


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  • Yeah, stay away from them and seek new horizons.

  • I'd stay away.
    arrogance is OK, however their not going to change their management style. Look elsewhere. Why go through this again?

    • The thing is, there was barely a month or two left to complete it. It's my time that was wasted in all this.

      I think if I had emailed him and there were no other candidates, he would probably be more likely to hear me out, realize his mistake etc.

      But there are more than 25 people who applied for the job so there probably are options for them.

      Also something I noticed, is that from the first time I interviewed there, they offered me the job (it was an internship) on the spot. I said okay can I get back to you tomorrow morning. For some reason, he changed even then, he let me out through the back door as opposed to the front door of the office.

      I just thought it was weird. Almost insulting? It made me wonder, was he thinking of getting rid of me since that first time I met him itself, when I didn't accept on the spot?

    • I can only guess at why he used the back door. Maybe he didn't want other candidates to see you? Meaning another candidate.

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  • I think you should definitely stay away.

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